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Glen Bruce FZE, doing business as Phone Staffer (referred to as “Phone Staffer”, “us”, or “we”) provides the website and a variety of associated services (collectively, the “website”) to you, subject to your agreement with all the terms, conditions, and notices contained or mentioned herein (the “User Agreement”), and any other written contract between us. Furthermore, when accessing specific services or materials on this website, users must abide by any posted guidelines or rules applicable to these services or materials that might contain additional terms and conditions. All such policies or rules are hereby integrated by reference into this User Agreement.

By using this website, you acknowledge and accept these terms of use. If you do not agree to these terms, please discontinue use of the site immediately. If you are not satisfied with the website, its content, or its services, your sole remedy is to cease using the website. Your compliance with these terms of use commences immediately as you start using the website.

These terms are effective from the “Last Modified” date mentioned at the bottom of this page. We explicitly reserve the right to modify these terms from time to time without notice. You acknowledge and agree to review this website and these terms periodically to stay informed about any modifications. Your continued usage of this website after such modifications indicates your acknowledgement of and agreement to the revised terms. However, for any substantial changes to these terms, or in case these changes significantly affect your rights or obligations, the updated User Agreement will be effective either from the time you continue using this website after being aware of these modifications, or after 30 days from the updated User Agreement’s publication on this website. Despite the previous clause, any disputes between you and us will be settled by the User Agreement in effect at the time of the dispute’s occurrence.

In this User Agreement, our “Affiliates” refer to our owners, subsidiaries, affiliated companies, officers, directors, suppliers, partners, sponsors, and advertisers, and encompasses (without limitation) all parties involved in creating, producing, and delivering this website and its contents.


Services Explained:

To maintain the high-quality experience of Phone Staffer, we’ve devised this user agreement for our mutual advantage. Violating these rules means you have breached this User Agreement, and this may result in the termination of your account.

The tasks and requests of your Phone Staffer are non-transferable. You cannot sell or transfer tasks under your plan. However, you’re welcome to purchase a plan for friends, family, or colleagues. Your Phone Staffer account is also non-transferable; once an individual signs up, the account ownership cannot be transferred.

All Phone Staffer plans adhere to a weekly hour limit according to plan type. If these hours are not utilized within the week, they will not roll over to the following week.

Phone Staffer may, for any reason, alter monthly subscription prices without notice after the contracted period. Advertised prices may incur additional fees for customized solutions beyond the typical services we provide.

In case a payment method is declined, you have 48 hours to resolve the issue. If unresolved within this period, Phone Staffer reserves the right to pause or terminate service until the payment is processed.

Any agreement or attempted agreement between the client and Phone Staffer, necessitating payment outside of Phone Staffer, is considered a breach of this User Agreement and may lead to cancellation without refund.

Agreement Duration:

All Phone Staffer plans are monthly agreements at the advertised or contracted rates, beginning the day your Phone Staffer starts working on your tasks. The agreement initiates with a 90-day minimum commitment and transitions to a month-to-month commitment thereafter. The first charge applies on your scheduled onboarding date with your Phone Staffer. Subsequent charges apply on or near the first of each month.

Requests & Tasks:

You must submit each request (task) for your Phone Staffer via phone, email, or SMS. You are welcome to submit multiple tasks at once. A dedicated Phone Staffer will be assigned to fulfill your tasks. If required, you may request a change of Phone Staffers at no extra charge, which we will execute within a reasonable timeframe (typically 1-2 weeks).

If you feel the need for service improvements, you may contact us by phone or email at

Adherence to this User Agreement implies your understanding and acceptance to keep your tasks within our service’s scope.

Ownership and Confidentiality of Work Output:

If a Phone Staffer creates any unique item for you, such as research projects, reports, templates, spreadsheets, forms, etc. (“Work Output”), Phone Staffer grants you a non-exclusive, royalty-free, permanent, irrevocable, non-transferable license to use the Work Output for your personal and commercial purposes.

You retain sole ownership of your confidential information and intellectual property. If your confidential information or intellectual property is incorporated into the Work Output, it will be removed prior to any use or disclosure by Phone Staffer to a third party.

Your confidential information refers to non-public data you provide to Phone Staffer that you expect us to keep private, including personal details like your name, social security number, credit card information, and similar. However, it does not cover information that: (1) becomes publicly available through unauthorized disclosure by Phone Staffer; (2) was available to Phone Staffer on a non-confidential basis before your disclosure; (3) is independently developed by Phone Staffer without using your confidential information; or (4) is information we must disclose due to legal requirements, or to protect Phone Staffer’s rights or property, or the rights or property of our Phone Staffers or other clients.

Your intellectual property comprises patents, trademarks, and copyrights owned by you and any insights, knowledge, and ideas you provide in connection with the creation of the Work Output.

Guarantee & Warranty:

There is no guarantee on the information, tasks, or projects your Phone Staffer completes for you. We promise to provide the most accurate and effective information available, but if we provide incorrect information or results, although we’ll express our regret, you cannot legally hold us accountable for it or its outcomes.

Early Termination:

Termination after completing a credit card authorization form but before the kickoff call (first day of Phone Staffer’s services for you) is regarded as an “early termination”. The early termination fee is $2,500 per approved role and will be charged to the credit card on file.

Termination of Service:

We at Phone Staffer hold the authority to cease services to any client at any moment and for any reason. In such cases, we will offer you a prorated refund for the standard monthly rate corresponding to any time frame you’ve already prepaid. Although rare and highly stressful, we might have to end our association with a client due to various reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Recurring requests from the client that exceed the bounds of their service plan, with no resolution achieved despite attempts to moderate the requests.
  • Instances of the client behaving disrespectfully towards their assistant or any other Phone Staffer team member.
  • The client making requests for illegal or unethical tasks.

If you wish to terminate your service, we require a notice period of 30 days.

Non-Solicitation Provision:

I acknowledge that Phone Staffer has invested significantly in the recruitment, training, and pairing of competent Phone Staffer assistants with its clients, including myself. Phone Staffer has a legitimate right to earn a reasonable return on these investments. It is also recognized that Phone Staffer has agreements with its assistants that necessitate the prior written consent of Phone Staffer before they can accept direct engagements (as an employee, consultant, contractor, etc.) with any client to whom they’ve been assigned.

Therefore, as far as the law allows, I agree that during my subscription period and for twenty-four (24) months after ending my association with Phone Staffer, I will not solicit any Phone Staffer assistant who was assigned to me during this time or during the six months before ending my association with Phone Staffer, either directly or indirectly, to terminate their employment with Phone Staffer to work with me. I will also not solicit any referred Phone Staffer assistant, friend, family member, or acquaintance. If my solicitation significantly contributes to a Phone Staffer assistant leaving their role and accepting an engagement with me, without the consent of Phone Staffer, I agree to pay Phone Staffer a one-time fee equivalent to two years of my monthly Phone Staffer subscription as compensation for their lost investments. This payment is not a penalty.

Data Rights and Protection:

Phone Staffer prioritizes the privacy and data protection of our clients. Considering the continually evolving regulatory landscape, we endeavor to stay compliant. If a client chooses to terminate their association with Phone Staffer, they can request the complete deletion of their personal data from our records.

To ensure legal and ethical service to our clients, we have established the following policies:

Obtaining Consent:

We have crafted our terms of service to be as comprehensible and straightforward as possible. Our clients have the right to grant and withdraw consent at their discretion.

Data Portability:

This policy grants users the right to their own data. Clients can request their data from Phone Staffer in the form of an electronic report and can use this data in different environments outside of our platform.

Data Privacy:

Phone Staffer has designed its systems and trained its staff to respect and maintain customer privacy. We have a comprehensive understanding of our data collection process and who has access to that data. We are continually improving and adapting this design to be forward-thinking.

Updated Date: 7/31/2023