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Unlock your team with Phone Staffer

Use remote phone staff to maximize your customer service and kick your business into high gear.

We don’t just find you the top 1% staff. We create the scripts and train your new caller.


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Talent Quality

Top 1%; all vetted



Speed to hire








Match to Need

Very High

Very High


System Creation

Script Writing


Quality Assurance

Phone Staffer In-House Online Platform
Talent Top 1% Mixed Low
Speed Weeks Months Days
Cost $ $$$ $
Match High High Uncertain
Systems Yes DIY No
Scripts Yes DIY No
Training Yes No No
Assurance Yes No No

Work with the very best offshore talent

at a fraction of the cost.


Phone staff are around 80% cheaper than the cost of a full-time US employee. While labor costs vary, expect to pay $6-$8 per hour.

Proven Talent

All staff are experienced working with US and multinational corporations.

Screened & Vetted

All staff are screened and vetted to ensure only the best are placed our clients.

Stop missing costly phone calls. Get your own dedicated phone staff now.

We provide more than great people

Phone Staffer CRM training


Don’t start from scratch. Our team will create the processes & scripts and even train your new caller.

Script Writing

The Phone Staffer team has received thousands of inbound calls and made countless more outbound calls.

Use our scripts as a starting point so your Phone Staff can hit the ground running.

FAQ and Database Creation

We create and host all FAQs as well as the training material for new processes and software for easy access by your Phone staff.

Access our proven systems, processes, and scripts to get the most out of your remote caller.

Our Phone Staff are ready to hit the ground running

Ready to start

All Phone Staff have experience working for big US companies. We put them through an intensive 1-week boot camp so they can jump right into your business without any disruptions.

100% dedication

Phone Staff are an addition to your team. They work full-time for only you during normal working hours.

Full Support & Easy Onboarding

During onboarding our team will work with you and your new caller to ensure a smooth start. We will check-in regularly and you can reach us any time.


More than just phone calls, your new staff can help with all customer service tasks

Just like a receptionist, there is more to the job than answer calls. Use your new phone staff to reply to customers via Text, Yelp, Facebook and more. Your phone staff comes trained on your CRM and customer service processes to hit the ground running.

Answer Phone Calls

Sick of missing calls? Your new phone staff is a dedicated full time employee with one top priority. Don’t miss any phone calls.

Customer Service Updates

Your new staff can increase your customer service with frequent communication via the phone, text, or email.

Reply to Inboxes

While your new staff is a pro on the phones, they can also reply to lead enquires in platforms like Yelp, Email and Facebook.


Update CRM

What use is the best caller if the rest of your team do not know about the calls?

Reply to SM Comments

Your new staff can reply to comments on your Social Media posts to keep your audience engaged and push leads.

Schedule Appointments

Your new staff member will be knowledgable on your SOPs and can schedule appointments to make sure there is no drop off.

Call Back Lead Forms

Your new staff will call back your inbound leads within minutes of them hitting your CRM.

Any Role

Your new full time staff has a phone calling super power but can supliment their calling with other activies as you see fit.

Meet your future phone staff

Scroll through some sample profiles. Your phone staff will have native English and all the relevant skills and experiences for your business.

Ready to take your customer service to the next level?

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